What We Do

The Environmental Consultants Association (WA) Inc. (ECA) is the professional body representing commercial environmental consultants throughout Western Australia. The Association both represents the interests of its members and promotes development of the environmental consulting industry.

Membership of the Association is restricted to full time commercial environmental consultants who possess the appropriate qualifications and length of experience. Members are committed to the ECA Code of Conduct.

The Association has adopted a series of position and policy papers on advertising, peer review, complaints by members, the use of volunteers and work experience, commercial consulting by government bodies and academic institution. The Association also has a grievance procedure for dealing with complaints against members.

Guidelines on hiring an environmental consultant are also available.

The ECA publishes a Register of Members and their services on the website. The Register is designed as a resource text and should be of value to proponents, regulatory authorities, the public and consultants.

The aims of the Association are to:

  • promote reputable conduct by members,
  • promote the selection of consultants on merit,
  • support proper environmental protection,
  • promote the interests of members and the profession,
  • promote non-government, non-academic, Australian owned firms or practitioners where appropriate,
  • educate practitioners, clients and regulatory authorities in matters of professional interest,
  • promote informed debate about environmental matters and procedures, and
  • promote professional and social contact between members.
  • The Association engages in various activities including training and information sessions, the publication of the register, promotion of a Code of Conduct and the preparation of discussion and policy papers.