Green Card Training for ECA Members

Terratree is offering to deliver Green Card training for interested ECA Members on Monday 11th December 2023. ECA members will be able to sign up for the training at the discounted rate of $275 (incl GST plus booking fee )per person (normally $308 (incl GST)).

Green Card Training equips trainees with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage the risk of spreading Dieback as well as other plant pathogens and weeds. The training covers essential topics such as the nature of the disease, its spread and management, relevant guiding documents, and the necessary skills to clean and inspect a vehicle for soil, animal, and plant material, and to follow Dieback hygiene signage. The training comprises a theory session, followed by a practical session where trainees learn how to inspect and clean a vehicle.

The course being offered to ECA members will include a field trip to ALP Street Reserve in Mt. Helena to look at different Dieback occurrence categories (infested, uninfested and uninterpretable). The course duration is between 4 hours and includes a PowerPoint presentation followed by a vehicle cleardown exercise and site visit (an additional 2-3 hours). At the end of the PowerPoint presentation, there is a short question and answer session, followed by the practical vehicle clean down exercise. On completion of the course attendees receive a Green Card with their name on it which is valid for three years.

Start Date
December 11, 2023
Start Time
End Time
71 Victoria Street Midland, WA 6056
Joe Grehan