Anna Jacks

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Anna is a zoologist, and the invertebrate fauna projects manager, with a breadth of experience in a variety of fauna surveys, including basic fauna, detailed fauna, targeted conservation significant fauna, waterbird and shorebird , short-range endemic invertebrate (SRE), subterranean, terrestrial invertebrates and aquatic macro-invertebrates.
Anna has been involved in fauna surveys with both private and government institutions for over 15 years. At the Department of Environment and Conservation (Now DBCA) Anna worked in science and research, specialising in projects researching biodiversity and ecological requirements of aquatic systems throughout the state. A
At Phoenix, Anna’s roles include project management, undertaking fauna surveys, taxonomy, data analysis and reporting for various projects including linear port, road, rail and trail projects and mining tenement projects. She is the invertebrate fauna projects manager, also has advanced GIS (ArcMap and QGIS) skills is the Laboratory Manager and Occupational Health and Safety Representative for the company.

Experience practicing in:

  • Project management
  • Morphological and molecular invertebrate taxonomy
  • SRE invertebrate fauna
  • Subterreanan fauna
  • Vertebrate fauna

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna
Subterranean Fauna


BSc. Environmental Science (Environmental Biology) (Hons)