Colin Woolard

Full Member


Colin Woolard is an Environmental Geologist with over twenty years experience in geology and environmental management covering a range of mineral commodities across several climatic zones. Over the past six years Colin has been closely involved in EMS development, resource conservation, public environmental reporting and developing ways of integrating environmental management into mainstream business processes. Colin established his own consulting business in 1999 which provides services to the mining, exploration and industrial sectors in a range of areas.

Experience practicing in:

  • Site contamination assessment and management
  • Preparation of mining approval documentation
  • Community consultation and regulatory liaison
  • Environmental project management and impact assessment
  • Development and implementation of mine rehabilitation and closure plans
  • Workforce awareness and training
  • Lease acquisition and relinquishment audits
  • Environmental management in exploration

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Stakeholder Consultation
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Land Use Planning
Compliance Reporting
Environmental Audits
Catchment Management
Land Capability, Soils