Graham Thompson

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Dr Graham Thompson - Partner and Principal Zoologist
Graham has a diverse background, having worked in various roles in state government and finishing up as the CEO of a government department in South Australia, chairman for a statutory authority, then more recently as an academic and subsequently an environmental consultant. In the last 20 years he has been an active researcher focusing on improving terrestrial vertebrate fauna assessments to support EIAs and an environmental consultant focusing on terrestrial vertebrate fauna. He has been a Partner and Principal Zoologist with Terrestrial Ecosystems since 2002.

Experience practicing in:

  • Terrestrial fauna surveys and assessments
  • Feral and pest animal control and management (i.e. fox, cat, birds, fish, etc)
  • Fauna management plans
  • Conservation detection dog
  • Fauna relocation, spotting, salvage, handling, and management programs
  • Fauna monitoring programs
  • Vertebrate fauna research
  • Targeted conservation significant fauna surveys and management
  • Chemical capture and sedation of fauna using tranquillising darts
  • Kangaroo relocation
  • Bird management
  • Peer review of fauna reports

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Terrestial Vertebrate Fauna