Jay Puglisi

Full Member


Jay holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Environmental Biology, from Curtin University. His honours thesis investigated the ecological development of three created wetlands in the south-west of Western Australia, using algae and macroinvertebrates as biological indicators.

Jay has more than 10 years of experience in aquatic ecology, terrestrial flora and fauna monitoring, and environmental management and approvals, with strengths in biomonitoring, aquatic invertebrate sampling, mosquito ecology and compliance reporting.

Jay joined Stantec (MWH, Outback Ecology) in 2008 and has a broad depth of technical experience across the business, having designed and managed projects in the Pilbara, Goldfields and South-west. He is primarily involved in the Aquatic & Subterranean Ecology and Terrestrial Ecology groups, where he has completed aquatic ecosystem, biting insect, terrestrial vertebrate and short range endemic invertebrate and mangrove monitoring surveys. Jay has designed and implemented aquatic ecology assessments of creeklines, wetlands, river systems and salt lakes located throughout Western Australia and biting insect monitoring programs in metropolitan and regional areas for the government and resource sectors. He undertakes desktop reviews, baseline surveys, compliance inspections, environmental impact and risk assessments, and compliance monitoring and reporting to inform environmental approvals documentation. Jay is experienced with the development of management plans, and establishment of key performance indicators and post-impact monitoring.

Jay has a strong background in GIS management and regularly assists with the completion of GIS-related tasks across several major key projects, as well as across a number of disciplines.

Prior to joining Outback Ecology, Jay worked for the West Australian Water Corporation as an Environmental Scientist, where he was involved in the preparation of clearing permit applications, the implementation of aquatic and subterranean fauna projects and the development of the Carbon Neutrality Program. He also liaised closely with the Department of Health (DoH) Mosquito Borne Disease Unit to aid in the management of mosquitoes in Water Corporation infrastructure.


Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Environmental Biology, from Curtin University