Kim Nguyen

Full Member


Kim is a Senior Zoologist specialising in the ecology and management of tropical and temperate aquatic systems. She has over nine years’ experience undertaking aquatic ecosystem surveys throughout the State. Over this time, she has developed high-level skill in the management of aquatic fauna surveys and ecosystem monitoring projects, sample design, leading field teams, reporting, species-level taxonomy of aquatic macroinvertebrate fauna, data management, and analysis of ecological data using both uni- and multi-variate techniques. Alongside her scientific role, Kim is also Biologic’s resident HSE Advisor, having worked part-time in this sector for close to five years. These dual roles have given Kim a unique understanding of the safety legislation and processes in WA, and the risks and hazards associated with environmental field work. She has achieved and maintained company-level HSE compliance across a number of industry proponents, including Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG, MRL, DBCA, Water Corporation, as well as local councils, and a number of private consultancies.

Experience practicing in:

  • Aquatic ecosystem surveys (baseline and monitoring), targeted conservation significant aquatic fauna surveys, targeted introduced aquatic fauna surveys, aquatic macroinvertebrate and hyporheic fauna identification

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The University of Western Australia, Bsc. Hons. Conservation Biology and Management
Fourth year project titled “Functional feeding groups of ants as indicators with respect to fire age in a semi-arid region”.