Mark Coleman

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Mark Coleman, a Principal of Actis Environmental Services, has spent much of his working life as a Technical Adviser at most salt fields throughout Australia and internationally. He specialises in value-adding to ‘waste’ brine streams, for example cultivating Artemia or Parartemia. He has had many years of experience in identifying halophytic algae, cyanobacteria and marine or hypersaline phytoplankton. Since co-composing criteria for the evaluation of the discharge of saline groundwater into wetlands for the DEP, Mark has put the criteria to work in the goldfields - evaluating the discharge of saline groundwater from the mining industry into saline wetlands. The criteria were originally developed to evaluate the effects of deep drainage in the salt affected areas of the Wheatbelt.

Experience practicing in:

  • Evaluating saline discharges into natural ecosystems
  • Evaluating the suitability of areas for evaporation and to design evaporation pans
  • Management and design of wetlands
  • Evaluating the biological, chemical and surface hydrological functions of wetlands
  • Identification of hypersaline phytoplankton, algae and cyanobacteria

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