Melissa Jensen

Full Member


Melissa is an experienced zoologist with more than 12 years’ experience conducting ecological research and fauna surveys across Australia. Her main research focus has been on the reintroduction biology of threatened species, the ecology and control of feral species, and monitoring of arid-zone fauna.

Melissa graduated with a First-Class Honours in 2012, investigating the habitat use of Shark Bay Bandicoots within the Arid Recovery Reserve and will soon complete a PhD in Ecology and Reintroduction Biology, with her thesis focusing on the reintroduction of the Western Quoll to the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia.

Melissa’s exceptional knowledge of Australian fauna has been developed by leading complex terrestrial fauna surveys for environmental consultancies, universities, and not-for-profit NGOs. In Western Australia, Melissa has implemented a range of projects for clients throughout the Great Sandy Desert, Pilbara, Swan Coastal Plain and Murchison regions. Surveys have included desktop surveys, basic and detailed fauna surveys, and targeted surveys for threatened species including the Night Parrot, Northern Quoll, Pilbara Leaf-nosed Bat, Ghost Bat, Great Desert Skink, Bilby, Western Ringtail Possum, Long-tailed Dunnart, Malleefowl and Black Cockatoos. Melissa is experienced with trapping (cage, Elliot, pitfall, funnel), acoustic recorders, motion cameras, radio-tracking, track identification and scat analysis. Melissa holds current First Aid, 1080 landholder and 4WD training qualifications.


Bachelor of Applied Science (majoring in Wildlife Science)
Honours in Science (First Class)