Stantec Australia Pty Ltd

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We’ve got the environment down to a science. Our passion drives our work. We take the time to truly understand each project—learning its past, adapting to present conditions, and preparing for future shifts. So whether we're collaborating with you on a complex permit application, monitoring a site during construction, or designing a decommissioning plan, you can count on our team to help you find the smartest solution for the project and community it supports.

Experience practicing in:

  • Mine rehabilitation and ecosystem monitoring
  • Waste landform design, and cost optimisation
  • Progressive mine closure systems
  • Mine waste and tailing revegetation
  • Tailing facility decommissioning, including cover design
  • Environmental auditing
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities and statutory submissions and approvals
  • Flora and fauna baseline surveys and monitoring
  • Aquatic, Marine and Salt lake ecology and monitoring
  • Optimum reconstruction of soil profiles after mining
  • Environmental management systems development and implementation
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology services

General Services ? View service descriptions

Project Management
Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Stakeholder Consultation
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Data Management, Analysis
Land Use Planning
Compliance Reporting
Environmental Audits
Remote Sensing/GIS analysis
Terrestial Vertebrate Fauna
Terrestrial Flora/Vegetation
Catchment Management
Land Capability, Soils
Waste - Solid Management
Waste - Liquid Management