Stuart Halse

Full Member


Stuart Halse has more than thirty years experience of surveying invertebrates and birds, as well as contributing to management plans and policy development. Stuart set up the AusRivAS condition assessment system for rivers in WA, managed the stygofauna component of DPaW’s Pilbara Biodiversity Survey, wrote EPA Guidance Statement 54A for subterranean fauna, organised regional wetland inventories throughout WA, has undertaken aerial surveys of waterbirds throughout Australia and prepared nomination of the first nine Ramsar wetlands in WA. In addition, Stuart has described many new species of aquatic invertebrates and stygofaunal crustaceans and is a member of the WA Wetlands Coordinating Committee and a Research Associate of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Experience practicing in:

  • Management of fauna surveys relating to stygofauna, troglofauna, short range endemic invertebrates, aquatic fauna invertebrates, waterbirds and shorebirds, and other aquatic vertebrates
  • Writing and editing Level 1 and Level 2 environmental impact assessments, especially relating to fauna, wetlands and river systems
  • Providing advice on species management plans and conservation programs and environmental impact assessments

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