Stuart Helleren

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Stuart Helleren holds a BSc with Honours in Environmental Biology an MSc in Natural Resources and a PhD in Marine Ecology. He has 30 years experience in aquatic ecology specialising in micro-algal (especially diatom) taxonomy and ecology from freshwater wetlands, salt lakes, rivers, estuaries and marine environments. Stuart is the founder, Director and Principal Scientist with Dalcon Environmental which has proudly been supporting the environmental sector in Western Australia since 1998.

Experience practicing in:

  • Biological/Limnological surveys and monitoring
  • Phytoplankton/Periphyton ecology and taxonomy
  • Education/training in water quality issues
  • Palaeolimnological analysis (diatoms and pollen)
  • Water quality assessment
  • Zooplankton ecology and taxonomy
  • Infauna ecology and taxonomy
  • Identification and management of potentially toxic phytoplankton
  • Ecotoxicology investigations

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