Syrinx Environmental Pty Ltd

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Syrinx Environmental provides a broad range of integrated science, design, research and implementation services, based on a whole-of-project concept ensuring a practical, creative and cost-effective approach to problem solving. Leading edge science and design principles are incorporated into operational schedules resulting in best practice implementation. This 'end-use' approach to problem solving, is equally vital for urban, wetland, coastal, industrial and agricultural landscapes. Syrinx maintains an outstanding track records across a broad range of projects, including innovative passive remediation technologies for wastewater treatment, urban and rural restoration, bioengineering, landscape design and environmental planning. Syrinx offers creative solutions to environmental and land-use challenges, through lateral evaluation of constraints and possibilities unique to each site.

Experience practicing in:

  • Wastewater and acid mine drainage remediation
  • Research
  • Horticultural botany
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Wetland creation
  • Vegetation/flora surveys
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Biological nutrient-filters
  • Operations
  • Master planning
  • Landscape and Architectural design
  • Remediation

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Project Management
Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Data Management, Analysis
Land Use Planning
Contaminated Sites
Waste - Solid Management
Waste - Liquid Management