Tranen Revegetation Systems

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Tranen is a West Australian company that has been providing project management and environmental consultancy services since 1992. Our qualified and professional team offer in-house design, implementation and management of all aspects of rehabilitation and revegetation projects. Tranen has undertaken over 450 revegetation projects focusing on the Swan Coastal Plain and south-west, but also including projects in the north-west, Asia, and Africa.

Experience practicing in:

  • Revegetation planning and budgeting with experienced practical approach
  • Site assessment and methodology selection for risk management
  • Third party monitoring and review of existing projects
  • Research and development programs
  • Rehabilitation project management
  • In-house revegetation program implementation
  • Progress monitoring and status reporting
  • Site maintenance
  • Provenance seed production surveys and collection programs
  • Provenance seed bank storage and management
  • Seed cleaning, processing, testing, and pre-treatment for dormancy breaking
  • Commercial seed supplies

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Project Management
Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Stakeholder Consultation
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Data Management, Analysis
Compliance Reporting
Terrestrial Flora/Vegetation
Land Capability, Soils