ECA Social Drinks

Following on from the first successful social drinks last year in the Print Hall, where members got together to catch up and relax over a few beers, we would like to invite members to again join us for some ECA for social drinks.  All members are invited to come along to share some good company and witty conversation.  As a simple excuse for a beer or two, we will get together to celebrate…

Beverage Day –  a chance to kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy the day.   
Beverage Day is a day of pleasure and relaxation.  Grab a bottle, can, a glass,

or  a six-pack of your favorite beverage. Sit down in a comfortable chair….. indoors or out.

Slowly sip and savour your drink. Life is good!

BE BOLD! Take advantage of Beverage Day to try a beverage that you have never had before.

Date When Celebrated: May 6
Location: The Stables Bar, 888 Hay St at 5:00pm
Added Bonus: 5-6 is HAPPY HOUR!
Minus a few bonus points: self funded drinks!