Anna Napier

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Anna Napier has been working in the environmental assessment and management field since 1984. As a consultant she has been involved in botanical surveys, environmental impact assessment and a range of studies including flora atlassing, investigation and design of practical rehabilitation methods and monitoring. During eight years with Main Roads Anna was responsible for environmental management of the State’s road network and all impacts of road construction and also for development of an environmental management system and audit of projects. Since joining GHD in 1998, Anna has managed a range of projects, including many in treated wastewater management, environmental assessment of wastewater treatment plants, mine audits, roadworks projects and rehabilitation.

Experience practicing in:

  • Flora and vegetation surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environment management
  • Monitoring design
  • All aspects of rehabilitation
  • Weed control and training in herbicide use
  • Training in environmental issues and management (construction industry)
  • Project management

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Project Management
Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Land Use Planning
Compliance Reporting
Environmental Audits
Terrestrial Flora/Vegetation