Membership Benefits

Benefits of becoming a member of the ECA

  • Be recognised – the ECA commenced the first professional environmental
    consultant register back in 1994. This is currently being reviewed, strengthened and
    its profile increased through our new website which is freely accessible to potential
    employers, government stakeholders and industry.
  • Be connected – ECA events promote networking opportunities across the industry
    and with key stakeholders.
  • Be informed – ECA provides relevant events, a new website, newsletter, weekly
    email, group forum, and LinkedIn Company Page.
  • Be influential – the ECA facilitates consultation between government and its
    members to provide feedback on policies and other key initiatives. We have an MOU
    with DWaER (formaly OEPA) and we are routinely asked by the DWaER, DBCaA and DMIRaS our view on
    new policies and initiatives.
  • Be involved – through opportunities to sit on the ECA committee and also be
    involved in a range of external stakeholder working groups.
    Be educated – ECA training courses and programs available at significant member
  • Be part of the future – through our Young ECA (or YECA) initiative, either as young
    ECA member or as experienced consultant mentor.
  • Be heard – the ECA can and does highlight concerns raised by our members with
    relevant parties.
  • Be represented – we are continuing discussions with various government agencies
    and other relevant parties to ensure that your membership is seen as strong
    indication of your professional capabilities. We also actively promote our
    professional code of conduct.
  • Be the master of your own career destiny – through all of the above, take control of
    where you want to be with your career.