Why Be A Member?

Why become a member?

Benefits of becoming a member of the ECA

  • Be visible– Your name, company, verified skills and profile will be available through the online ECA environmental consultant register. The register has been published since 1994 and is used regularly by potential clients, employers and government stakeholders to find environmental consultants.ECA is at the forefront of discussions regarding the future of environmental consultant accreditation in WA.
  • Be informed – ECA is considered a key stakeholder by the EPA and regulatory agencies and aims to influence policy and guidance material to improve their clarity and ease of use by consultants and practitioners. This means that ECA sits on EPA and DWER Stakeholder Reference Groups, has regular meetings with DBCA and DMIRS and is consulted and receives early information regarding regulatory or policy changes.  This information is summarised and distributed to our membership through our weekly email and annual newsletter so that ECA members are always in the know.  Feedback is provided to agenciesECA also holds regular training courses and seminars, often in partnership with government or universities.
  • Be connected – ECA hosts regular training, information and networking events which promote networking opportunities within the industry and with key stakeholders.  The Young ECA (or YECA) group provides targeted events, mentoring and support for young professionals.Get involved and build your network.  ECA members can nominate for the ECA or YECA committee and get involved with events, stakeholder working groups, submissions on behalf of industry and all aspects of ECA.
  • Member discounts – ECA members receive significant discounts for events and training.

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Supporting the environmental consulting industry

Your membership also enables ECA to continue to work collaboratively with government and industry to promote the environmental consulting industry, provide input to government from our unique practitioners’ perspective and support the continual improvement of our members in the provision of environmental services.