Appointment of Consultant

Having selected a preferred consultant, the client should issue a letter of appointment clearly stating the terms of engagement. Some organisations and consultants have a standard set of terms and conditions covering a wide range of aspects, from standard of work through invoicing and payment to situations in which employment may be terminated.

If the scope of the project is uncertain (eg. there may be potential for findings emerging in the course of the project to change its scope), there should be an understanding at the outset, reflected in the terms of engagement, of the basis on which any additional work will be undertaken. This will usually involve stipulation of an hourly rate at which additional work is to be charged together with an understanding on negotiations between the client and the consultant before additional work is commenced.

It is prudent for the client to meet the consultant at project initiation to fully discuss the work to be undertaken. This should aim to ensure full understanding on both sides of the objectives, scope and expectations of the project, timing and budget, and the terms of engagement.