ECA Representation

The ECA has ongoing representation on a number of key government and industry consultative working groups. This ensures member’s interests are represented and for a flow through of information back to members on relevant topics and issues.

Current representation includes:

  • EPA Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) – ECA representative Lisa Adams
  • DWER Regulatory Services (SRG) – ECA representative Margaret Dunlop
  • DCCEEW Regulated Community (RG) – ECA representative Jason Hick
  • DWER Waste Reform Advisory Group – ECA representative Huia Adkins
  • DWER Water Resources Reform Reference Group – ECA representative Phil Whittle
  • DMIRS / ECA Quarterly Meeting – ECA Representative Linda Kirchner, Jim Williams
  • WABSI Addressing weed threats to biodiversity research program steering committee – ECA Representative Damian Grose