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Meeting with the Minister for Environment; Disability Services

Recently, your executive committee had the good fortune to meet with the Honourable Stephen Dawson MLC, Minister for Environment; Disability Services and members of his staff. We discussed the Minister’s plans for the roll out of the Biodiversity Conservation Act, how he saw the planned amalgamations benefiting environmental protection and associated processes and a range of other topics.

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Accreditation of Environmental Practitioner Professional Bodies

One of the recommendations arising from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment Report Streamlining environmental legislation December 2014, was Recommendation 6: The Committee recommends the Department of the Environment investigate methods of accreditation—including the relevant standards for accreditation—for environmental practitioners and contractors to enable the establishment of a professional standards body.

The following summary has been provided based on a presentation from the DER to the ECA Committee and more recent communications with regarding the initiative.

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