ECA EIA Practitioners Training Course

The Environmental Assessment Training for Practitioners is an outcome from the Environmental Consultants Association (ECA) and the EPASU Partnering Agreement (now the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority [OEPA]). The two day residential course is prepared and delivered by Dr. Angus Morrison-Saunders, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Assessment at Murdoch University, under ECA and OEPA direction.

The course involves lectures, case studies and interactive role-plays (as case officers, OEPA Managers and the EPA) to deliver an intensive experience of the regulatory roles/responsibilities in Part IV assessment  and gives the participants improved understanding of the EIA procedures and expectation in Western Australia. Recent or forthcoming changes to EIA process in WA are covered .

The course is intended for newer and less experience practitioners wishing to gain a solid overview of the EIA process in Western Australia, however more experienced practitioners are welcome to attend.

The ECA does not currently have an EIA Practitioners course planned however if you are interested in participating in a future course please register your interest by completing the form below.