Hannah Anderson

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Hannah is a highly skilled zoologist with over 10 years’ experience in the implementation of various fauna and flora projects throughout different regions in Western Australia. Prior to Biologic, Hannah worked for 6 years as a Senior Technical Officer in the Animal Science Division and an Assistant Conservation Officer in the south-west region employed with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). The main project Hannah was working on was a Threatened Species Offset Project in the Pilbara researching the effects of feral cat baiting on reducing cat numbers and the lead on effects on northern quoll populations. She has also worked for various environmental consulting companies, conducting flora surveys throughout WA, Flat-back Turtle monitoring for the oil and gas sector, and as an environmental advisor on a FIFO-basis at the Wheatstone Project in the Pilbara. Hannah has extensive experience in threatened species monitoring and targeted surveys for species such as Northern Quolls, Chuditch, Quenda, Boodies, Golden Bandicoots and Brushtail Possums. Additionally, her work has involved baseline surveys for vertebrate fauna, flora, vegetation and terrestrial fauna surveys. She also has experience in introduced animal control, specifically baiting, trapping and radio-collaring feral cats in the Pilbara. Hannah has the advantage of having worked for both government and private industry which gives her a solid understanding of both working environments in relation to the management of threatened fauna in the mining and resource sector.

Experience practicing in:

  • Terrestrial vertebrate fauna surveys – including monitoring surveys, Basic surveys, Detailed surveys, targeted surveys and large scale research projects.
  • Tagging and collaring species for tracking studies e.g. bat species, northern quoll
  • Terrestrial vertebrate fauna identification
  • High quality data management/analysis and report writing
  • Vegetation/habitat assessments and mapping
  • Project management and client liaison

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Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna


Bachelor of Science with honours (Conservation and Wildlife Biology) – Murdoch University