Rockwater Pty Ltd

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Rockwater is a specialist hydrogeological and environmental consulting firm that has been operating in Australia since 1974. The company has offices in Western Australia and Queensland with over twenty professional staff comprising a core of long-term senior staff together with selected mid-level and junior staff. Our team of environmental scientists, hydrogeologists and hydrogeochemists has a broad range of Australian and international experience. Rockwater combines broad experience and training with current technology and techniques to offer independent expert advice and services in all aspects of environmental science, groundwater engineering and hydrogeology.

Experience practicing in:

  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental management
  • Biological surveys (flora/vegetation, stygofauna and troglofauna)
  • Groundwater sampling, water level monitoring and geochemical assessment
  • Rehabilitation planning and monitoring
  • Contamination assessment and remediation
  • Investigations of wetlands, salinisation and seawater intrusion
  • Mine dewatering assessment and design
  • Groundwater flow and solute transport modelling
  • Ground water supply: exploration, geophysics, bore design, supervision, testing and development
  • Geothermal investigations including bore design
  • Aquifer storage and recovery studies, including design
  • Independent hydrogeological reviews

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Project Management
Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals
Contaminated Sites
Data Management, Analysis
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Catchment Management
Waste - Liquid Management
Subterranean Fauna
Compliance Reporting
Terrestrial Flora/Vegetation