Phoenix Environmental Sciences Pty Ltd

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Phoenix was formed in 2008 by Jarrad Clark and Karen Crews, with the aim of building a company that delivers technical excellence and innovation in biological services. Their core business is fauna surveys and taxonomic services. Phoenix’s experience extends from biological surveys throughout the major regions of Western Australia to international expertise in invertebrate research and taxonomy. They provide faun surveys for EIA, fauna monitoring and research programs, reporting for EIA and environmental management plans. Phoenix’s taxonomic team have skills across several invertebrate groups and the capability to identify up to ninety five percent of specimens collected in short-range endemic surveys.

Experience practicing in:

  • Strategic and technical advice on requirements and timelines for fauna investigations
  • Development of Public Environmental Review documentation
  • Vertebrate fauna & Short-range endemic (SRE) invertebrate surveys
  • Subterranean invertebrate fauna (stygofauna and troglofauna) surveys
  • Habitat mapping and assessments
  • Targeted surveys for conservation of significant species
  • Tailored, innovative survey designs, research programs, technologies and equipment to address complex environmental issues
  • Taxonomic services, specimen processing, identification and photography, for Arachnids (trapdoor & modern spiders, pseudoscorpions, scorpions, schizomids, harvestmen), Myriapods (millipedes & centipedes) and Isopods (slaters, woodlice)
  • Macro-invertebrate monitoring for ecosystem health assessments
  • Preparation of management plans
  • Environmental monitoring to meet licence or ministerial conditions

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